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On the Stereo - Reviews by Serena

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I have been away from this thing for awhile, but I am back and have many new artists and new songs to share with you.. From now on out I am mostly going to post band names, genres, photos, and location, and maybe a review quote or two here and there...and let you take it from there. Great music is only a click away, so don't miss out! Here we go! --Serena Matthews

Lori McKenna

Genre: Folk/Country/Americana
Location: Boston, Mass - USA
Free Mp3's from Lori at:


Genre: Alternative Rock/ Modern Rock
Location: Uppsala, Uppland - Sweden
Free Mp3's from Dislife at:

Ben Kweller

Genre: Alternative/ Rock
Location: Greenville, Texas - USA
Free Ben Kweller Mp3's at:

Mick OD

Genre: Alternative/Grunge/Rock
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Free Mick OD mp3's at:

"If angels existed, then here is one of the fallen. Quite simply one of the best tracks I have heard in my life, and as such, it is completely impossible to put ones finger on what makes it so great! Is it the angelic, pleading, honey soaked male vocals, or is it the crisp and pure drum sound? Could it be the evil grunge guitar that pounds in and out at will, or the structure which sounds different and more beguiling every time you hear it? I dunno, but this has to be the musical equivalent of Peter Falk in 'Wings of Desire'." David Loyd,, Review of "Despair" by Mick OD.

Things in Herds

Genre: IndiePop/Shoegazer/Alternative
Location: Brighton, East Sussex - United Kingdom
Listen to free Things in Herds mp3's at:

"Somewhere in England, Pete Lush stumbled upon an 8-track recorder. Soon the air around him was filled with songs and with the help of his partner in crime Miss Ping on harmonica, backing vocals and drawings (lovely dreamlike images of animals in surreal situations like illustrations from a strange childrens book); he begat the album length creation called "Pardon?" in 1999. Two years later he saw fit to issue another emanation to the world, in the form of this fine set of 10 plaintively lovely slices of pure pop magic. Light as a feather, but overflowing with a deliriously sad undertow; as if walking on a tightrope between elation and despair..." ---George Parsons, Dream Magazine

Jeordie Schekeryk

Genre: Acoustic/Pop/ Folk Rock
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Free Mp3's from Jeordie at

John Mayer

Genre: Acoustic Rock/ PopRock
Location: Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Listen to free John Mayer mp3's at:

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

The Innocence Mission

"Singer Karen Peris has an incandescent instrument; her voice flickers and glows with a mystical warmth. Though high, sheer and innocent as Art Garfunkel's falsetto, Peris' voice also projects enough maternal assurance to keep it grounded."
---Jim Farber, New York Daily News

Thursday, September 27, 2001


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