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·  Late Tuesday - Smooth Rock
·  MOEV - Industrial Electronica
·  Hero - Soft Rock & More
·  Fiorella Terenzi - Electronic Astronomy
·  This End Up - Power Punk
·  Mandy Edge - Pop Rock
·  Sahlene - Pop!
·  KJV Presents - Musical Comedy
·  Aether - Modern Rock
·  Salty the Pocketknife - Psychadelica
·  Jason Artman - Alternative
·  The Eric Mulford Band - Acoustic Rock
·  Ramsay Fiction - New Rock
·  Craig Strang - Piano Rock
·  Electrosquad - Synthpop
·  Butch Berry - Rock Americana
·  YUD - Instrumental Rock
·  Jesse Sarvinski - Pop Rock
·  Aristotle - Acid Electronica
·  Wet - Edgy Rock
·  The Plastiks - Punk Pop
·  DeRoyce - Powerful New Age
·  DJ Martinee - House & Latin
·  Dogma Sinaca - Columbian Rock
·  Paris By Air - Dance Pop
·  Chris Cutler - Children Favorites
·  michaelnathan - Post Modern
·  Snap Dragyn - Folk Rock
·  X-Project - New Age Trance
·  Paper Rain - Retro Rock
·  Tom Diotto - Retro Rock
·  Sonic Ruin - Hardcore Electronica
·  2-K-Otic - Hip House Rap
·  Tanya Z - Gothic Ambient
·  Last Kid Picked - Punk Pop
·  DirtNap - Blues Grunge
·  Common Heroes - Rock
·  Mutant Industries - Industrial Noise
·  Mighty Joe - Hook Rock
·  Simplicity - Progressive
·  Tristan Dee - Acid Jazz
·  Tripwire - Alternative Rock
·  The Pale - Rock
·  Earth Songs - Native American
·  The J-Class Racers - Rock
·  Speed Limit 35 - Guitar Rock
·  Ripped Upheart - Punk
·  The Livesays - Album Rock
·  Jeff Neavor - Orchestral
·  Robbie Rupard - Spiritual Rock
·  Bad World - Righteous Rock
·  The Christines - Post Modern
·  Terrakore - Nu-Metal
·  Through The Woods - Vocal Pop
·  Coco Street - Soul Groove
·  moonlife - Synth Alternative 

Artist Resources

The Internet did one thing right -- it helped level the playing field for the unsigned and unheard artists out there. Thanks to sites like 1Sound, IUMA, Soundclick, and Ampcast your demo is now just one click away from being heard by anyone in the world. But times have changed. Artists have to try a little harder to be heard. So do read Life After and Five Ways to Make Money on for ways to get heard -- and get paid -- online these days.

Here are a few more tips to make a splash.

1. If you are on contact stations. has an active community. With 20 million registered users how can it not be active. Well, fans and artists have set up stations which provide a playlist of their highlights. Check out the stations that best fit your profile and e-mail the station creators. Be polite. Be personal (point out what you liked about his or her station, why you think your songs -- or a particular song -- belongs there). Naturally, you can create your own station too. But if you also attach your song to established popular stations it will go a long way. You will see a few we have set up ourselves on the Liquid Stereo homepage.

2. Become an active member of the indie artist ommunity. Most music sites have active message boards. If you come across a site that looks cool look for any forum, community of message board links. Go in. Make a difference. Listen and be heard.

3. Similar Artists. When you filled out the artist registration at did you fly past the Similar Artists question? Go back and fix it. That's a critical tool. Every day, more than a half-million users go to They seek out music and when the artist is not available they get the list of "similar artists" -- like you. Some bands get sneaky and try to put popular artists that don't sound like them at all. Big mistake. What's better, to build a better fanbase, is to be genuine and as specific as possible. Be the fan and punch in similar artists first. If you find one that has just a few "similar artists" you hit paydirt. It's easier to get noticed that way. Be one of the five Men at Work or Nickelbacks or Jessica Simpsons than one of the 700 Weezer and Britney Spears "similars" on

4. NMA. offers a great venue for outside promotion. There are close to 10,000 members of the New Music Army. They promote individual MP3 artists. Liquid Stereo is one, but seek out what is best for you. The cost? Nothing. will pay the NMA rep 5% of any CD sales that the artist generates out of's pocket. So the artist is getting paid the same. 100%. It's 105% with NMA. There aren't any wealthy NMA members. This is a labor of love. If you want Liquid Stereo to serve as your NMA rep, just go to your Administration area, click on "Promote Your Band" and type in as your NMA rep. Liquid Stereo will then consider your music and contact you immediately. If we can't help you we won't waste your time.

5. More music! Don't hold back. Upload as much as you can, everywhere you can. Even though went to just three tracks for its basic free site, go ahead an upload six different tracks at 1Sound and many more for free at IUMA or Soundclick. The more songs you have out there the more signposts you have leading music fans into your site. And the more listens and downloads, well, the more exposure and airplay.

6. Outside promotion. The world does not end outside of Get your -- or your favorite artist page of choice, or your own website -- known. Is your local newspaper online? Of course it is. Get them to link to you in their entertainment section. Put up flyers in area music stores. Visit other online newsgroups and forums with similar slants as your music and let them know where to find you. If you have a website, promote your presence on other Online Music Distributors. Traffic means higher chart rankings and money -- and while you are doing it all for the art this is what will bring more people to your art. For some more active promo tips, do check out Life After

Now for some more opportunies. . .

Cafe Press - Merchandising goes beyond your music. Cafe Press will help you go that next step. Put your photos and artwork on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads -- and let Cafe Press run the store. It's a free service and you will keep the mark-up on every single items sold.

Link Share - You have an page. You have traffic. Why not generate some ad revenue? LinkShare is a collection of hundreds of online stores who will pay you for any customers you send over. They will give you the full text link and graphical link to stores like and Sony Music. It's pocket change, but it's your pocket change. Also join the biggest affiliate master of them all --
Commission Junction. The great thing about CJ is that they will merge all of your affiliate payments and pay you monthly once your royalties top $25. Yes, ads on artist pages is a delicate issue, but as long as you pick the right ones -- and you have complete control -- you'll be fine.

Musician's Friend - Hey, you're online. You don't have to pay up for music and recording gear locally. Try the Internet leader, Guitar Center's online biz, Musician's Friend. Look for great deals on exclusive closeouts.

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