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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Band News [01-04-2004] more news..

StreetWarrior "Shot" Heard Loud And Clear...

[South Brunswick Band Helps Boy]:

" When you are from the streets , you never forget , and when ever you do manage to step off the streets , you always remember to go back and take care of the ones you left temporarily behind " ...

These are the words carved in stone by the NJ StreetWarrior , during a rare brief interview recently.

What makes the words of the StreetWarrior so special , is the fact that here is a little underdog
local New Jersey street band that sincerely "Pays-It-Back" to the streets, even though money is very tight for the band themselves.

So, big deal , we've all heard it before right...But this is a very special "From da Heart" story , and this is what Jerseyians find unique
in the StreetWarrior:

- Recently, StreetWarrior had heard about a 10 year old boy , who had sadly lost his loving Dad to a very rapid case of cancer here in NJ. The loss was like an overnight, a take you by surprise thing , that took the boy's father before anyone could even begin to accept this illness had struck...

The Grim-Reaper came , he struck , and then he conquered - the boy was crushed and the father he once knew and loved was now forever gone , only to live in his little ten year old heart forever on...

Meantime, on the other side of the NJ rainbow, StreetWarrior is busy cutting out a few little checks to some local NJ charities , and handing out "5 Holiday Turkeys" donated to needy Hungry families during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season. At the same time StreetWarrior is sweating over that new expensive Marshall Amp they really need , for like the past year or so.

At the end of the day, a local friend informs StreetWarrior about the little boy's loss and sad situation, and here is where I was so taken back by what StreetWarrior did next , that tears simply fell from my eyes when it happened...

StreetWarrior Stops dead in his tracks, stares at the array of guitars, drums, and other StreetWarrior instruments, walks up to an old ebony black "Les Paul", then picks it up and says:

"I can not save da world , for I can not even save myself at times,
But I can make someone's life a little better with the little things I have to give"..." Take this "Les Paul" that is my-ol-friend -of- minze", "and bring it to this little boy"... " It will help ease some of the pain , and channel some of his sorrow and sadness into music and help him relate to music when he thinks of his lost father in the future and as life goes on for him, let him learn and play da guitar and turn this tragedy into a new world and a new fresh start for himself"..."That any music he plays will soothe and comfort his broken heart"...

And with those StreetWarrior words,
the Les Paul was delivered to the little boy , and a brand new in-the-box- "Marshall" amp was thrown in as well , paid for out of the StreetWarrior's own pocket...

To this date, StreetWarrior has never met the little boy, nor never met the boy's father either.
- The boy does however, write to StreetWarrior from time to time, and the words "Thank You" are always included in the little boy's notes to the StreetWarrior.

And to date StreetWarrior is okay with the fact that they never got to purchase that new expensive Marshall Amp they've been needing for the band - but one thing StreetWarrior is sure of , that there is a little boy out there who has a new marshall amp , and a Les Paul guitar, and in the mist of tragedy and pain , StreetWarrior was able in it's own special way to bring smiles and some good into da streets of New Jersey.

As StreetWarrior loses his old friend the black ebony Les Paul guitar he's had since he was a kid himself , He smiles knowing that it is now in the hands of someone who really can use it and who needs it.

And the 5 donated turkeys to needy hungry NJ families , and the checks written to local charities , are simply just another StreetWarrior story in itself.

As StreetWarrior : Always "Pays-It-Back"...

and this was definately a "Shot" heard loud and clear , here in Jersey Land..."StreetWarrior Territory"...


[FortuneBox Studios-NJ]

Monday, December 01, 2003

Bands United break world records with their first release!

Bands United is an international community of unsigned acts who have just been released on a double CD and have already broken world records by having the longest running CD made with a playing time of nearly 90 minutes for the second disc. The former record was held by Razormaid at a little over 80 minutes.

Not content with this, Bands United, have another claim to fame, because all the tracks have been remastered using a new cutting-edge technology that prevents distortion no matter how loud the CDs are played.

All the acts met online via various OMD sites like and united to be included on a compilation of excellent and varied rock music from all around the world. Some countries represented on the compilation are America, Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Argentina.

Nothing like this has never been done before. No other compilation has gone out with bands uniting in this way, all working together to be heard. Independent, unsigned, and willing to help one another.

This is just the beginning for Bands United have very big plans, including a follow-up CD compilation next year for which submissions are invited now. To find out more please visit the Bands United site:

Bard of Ely

(Member of BU)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Band News [09-21-2003]

StreetWarrior Vs. Kid Rock ...

Let it be known to all , that when this battle is over, only one will be left standing. These are the words slung around the streets as the midnight hour approaches soon enough...

For certain , as the "StreetWarrior" song depicts, it is "High Noon" now, and the showdown is starting to unfold with red angry blood thirsty eyes.

In this corner:
"StreetWarrior" rules the New Jersey Streets now that the "Boss" is somewhat in a grazin state, ten thousand bikes along Highway 9 ,southbound side, is where the StreetWarrior runs free, just simply known as "StreetWarrior Territory"...

and in the other corner:
"Kid Rock" hails from the Michigan land, home of some of Detroit's finest badboy musicians, all who know the name "Kid Rock" as if it were the seventh string on a guitar.

The lightning bolt of stardom came jolting down on Kid Rock , and he was fortunet enough to be blessed with the fame and power that came with it.
"One should be grateful and always think of the fans first" are the fighting words of the "StreetWarrior"... "Kid RocK, has become too cocky", says "StreetWarrior"...

Now the battle begins as "StreetWarrior" takes aim and goes after Kid Rock in the newly released hot StreetWarrior song " Kid RockLess " whereas the Streetwarrior Punks and attacks Kid Rock's all out Cocky-ness...And Tri-State area fans are desperately trying to grab hold of the song...NJ , Ny, and PA fans are in strong support of the Streetwarrior, while the Michigan-SodaBoy is losing some ground.

"I've had enough" StreetWarrior angrily shouts...
and " I'm gonna set it straight", adds the StreetWarrior...

The Fight Card:
One famous ...One UnderDog...Who will be left standing...

"StreetWarrior" Vs " Kid Rock"....This will be interesting, I'm sure...

Kid Rock in all your comfort beware , cause you got a hungry Jersey boy on your ass, and street-fighting is his game...

good Luck...

Catch the new StreetWarrior Song " Kid RockLess" at:

"StreetWarrior" Band


StreetWarrior ll Collector's Edition CD :


Streetwarrior , the New Jersey underdog street-rock band
recently released their original debut CD "StreetWarrior
Unchained , the CD is now backed up by the
newly released "StreetWarrior ll Collector's Edition CD",
and soon to be released in Mid 2004 is the
"StreetWarrior lll Live From Da MeadowLands" CD...

...New Jersey and New York Fans are frantically trying
to get a hold of the new
"Streetwarrior ll Collector's edition" CD ,
because it features the band's 2 latest
Hits : "Your Heart" and "Diablo Sin Riders"...

This is New Jersey's very own special blend-homegrown
"UnderDog" of NJ bands, that is kickin down all the
barriers, with their "Unique" sound and is quickly earning
alot of respect and support by the Tri-State area local fans.

The CD is "raw"... , as it was "recorded live" in various
underground places , but the sound , the Vibe ,
and music is unique and "Territorily different". In a
track called "High Noon Mano E Mano -Live", StreetWarrior
plays a cool eerie lead guitar for 15 minutes straight ...

Harry Chapin , Bob dylan ,and StreetWarrior all have one
thing in common, they are the great storytellers...
With every StreetWarrior song, you'll hear a story
behind it, that will take you on an endless journey to
some cool place in time , and to where-ever you wish you
were at that particular moment...

Currently , StreetWarrior is in the Studios and Live on
the Streets, recording new songs for their third CD ,
expected by the fans to be released in mid 2004, titled
"StreetWarrior lll Live From da MeadowLands"...

Just released in Nov 2003, was StreetWarrior's new Hit
" Kid RockLess " ...In whereas, the StreetWarrior Punks
and blasts KID ROCK for his outright cockyness, and many
New jersey, New York, and PA. fans are strongly supporting
the StreetWarrior , while the "Michigan-Soda-Boy" is quickly
losing some ground here in the Tri-State area.

StreetWarrior's just released new Hit ,"Diablo Sin Riders"
was created for the recently released movie
"Once Upon A Time In Mexico" and was dedicated by the
band to Robert Rodriguez , the director and the creator of
the film.

Although "Diablo Sin Riders" was not included in the film's
soundtrack, for whatever reasons, still the New Jersey
and New York fans love the song and are scurrying to
obtain a copy of the new hit song.

Now that the "Boss" is grazing in better NJ pastures,
turning over the reigns of ruling the NJ Streets to the
The word around da hood , is that StreetWarrior is crowned
as the original bad-ass cruizin and
ruling the NY City Streets and the Highways
and Shoreways of NJ.

Two of StreetWarrior's biggest and most important fans ,
are two 5 and 6 year old less fortunate girls
living in the poverty stricken "Chiapas" zone in Mexico,
that StreetWarrior sponsors and supports...

StreetWarrior is also a friend to the "Jersey Jams Fund",
and donates CD's , Money, and StreetWarrior Gear...
and is a strict supporter of the "Selena...Star On The Hollywood
Walk of Fame". This is definately a Band that supports alot of
causes, and loves to help the less fortunate...

Like a Ghost in the wind, we do not see the StreetWarrior,
because thats how he likes it, "Low profile with an impact"..
but many can sure feel his effects and his generousity,
as he protects his NY and NJ Fans and territory...

StreetWarrior is definately and rightfully worthy of being
in the public's eye...and has earned a degree of respect
within the NY City Streets and in da Hoods, and along the
HighWays and ShoreWays of NJ....

Jeff Oster, Ambient Flugelhorn Artist releases new music produced by Will Ackerman (Guitarist, and founder of Windham Hill Records)

Jeff has just finished recording some new tracks, produced by Will Ackerman(guitarist, and founder of Windham Hill Records)

Recorded at Will's Imaginary Road Studios in Windham County, Vermont, Jeff was joined by Will Ackerman, Happy Rhodes, T. Bone Wolk, Philip Aaberg and other fine artists on these sessions.

Jeff's mellow trumpet and flugelhorn will take you places, make you smile, and maybe even cry a little...

To hear the music, go to:

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bard of Ely to compere It's Jo and Danny's Green Man Festival

Following his success as the compere for the main Avalon Stage at Glastonbury Festival this year and last, the Bard of Ely will be the MC for The Green Man Festival in Brecon, Wales on August 25th, which is being put on by the highly acclaimed band It's Jo and Danny.

There will be many acoustic and folk/roots performers as well as guest speakers from the world of literature and film and television, who will be reading from or showing some of their works too.

The whole event will take place in the spectacular Craig y Nos Castle in the beautiful mountains of Brecon, world famous for its jazz festival.

More information on the acts and the event itself from:

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Held number 1 positions in multiple genres simultaneously. Consistent in top 20's since upload. For some of the best and most brutal music around visit recent goodfellow artist quell's mp3 sites.


Friday, August 15, 2003

Buy any Relative Chaos CD at and get "The Collection", a new 13-track, one hour "best of" CD free! All proceeds from RC's site will go to the Dixie Fund. Enjoy the music!

Monday, December 17, 2001

17 year old, Nichole Clark releases her first CD just in time for Christmas!

Nichole Clark's Christmas CD has been receiving much attention since it's local release two weeks ago in Slidell, Louisiana. CD sales in the first week for this "unknown" artists, took her into the profit zone!

In her first three days at, her Christmas Cd was listed as a featured Cd in the featured cd "hot picks" section of the store where it remained as the featured pop/rock Cd for several days and over the past few days she has received hundreds of business music plays over the past few days!

If you want to hear some great Christmas music during this holiday season, be sure to check out this cd!

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Northern California-based modern rock act blueprint has just released it's new album, "Maybe Wednesday." The band has seen its advance release mp3s rocket to the top of the broadbandtalentnet charts,, and the finals of the contest. The songs have already been featured on two website's "best of" compliations and has received regional college and commerical airplay.

"We are excited about all the support" Guitarist Zach Friend said, "we can't thank everyone enough."

Tour dates, pictures, and mp3s can be found at the band's homepage:

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Paris By Air Sells 100 CDs Online

Miami-based popsmiths Paris By Air has just sold its 100th CD online at While the achievement might have been seen as a failure by the band's former hitching post -- Sony's Columbia Records -- the band's self-promoted discs have the band buzzing.

"We made more money selling 100 CDs on than we did selling 35,000 through a major label," says programmer and vocalist Willie Cleer.

Along with lead singer Teri Gil and keyboardist-songwriter Rick Munarriz, the band is getting ready to release its fifth online CD -- All Mixed Up -- and has plans to hit the recording studio next year to produce all-new tracks for its sixth release.

Interview requests and contact information can be found at

-- 30 --

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Hi ! Do you wanna get one more good artist ? Go here and check my stuff.

Have a nice listening ! Alexander/X-Project

Saturday, September 08, 2001

In what is an unprecedented move, 3 NMA's joined forces to create one of the most unique viral marketing techniques.

IndieMand is the alliance from Penguin Picks, Hidden Sanctuary and Liquid Stereo to provide a global marketing of the respective artists on their rosters.

5 top performing artists from each roster is chosen quarterly for inclusion on compilation CD-R's that are to be sent out to the industry, fans and consumers at large. With each artist agreeing to also burn copies of the CD's, marketing the music has taken on a wider berth of exposure culminating in massive exposure on a global scale.

The music of each volume will be updated on the ever growing station to allow listeners the ability to also burn their own copies if they so choose.

To listen to the station that proposes to be one of the biggest boon's to an artist's career, simply go to:

Welcome to! Have some news to share? Go for it! Check the left column here for instructions to get your press release published FOR FREE!

Liquid Stereo

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