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An Interview With Sonic Ruin - August 2000

It's time to take a walk through the Sonic Ruin! Welcome Atari X! Synths. Samples. Spoken Words. Vocals. Your music packs a punch in every direction. What is the ideal Sonic Ruin track? If someone were to only have time for one song, what would it be?

It would be hard to get a real feel for our music from one song. If pressed, I would suggest "Columbine Diary" from the "Disjointed" CD, but currently I would more likely suggest "White Diamonds" from the "Corporate Dance" CD. Our fans would tell you "Smiling Buddha".

What's the story behind the Corporate Dance series? Is it a trilogy or will there be more parts?

"Corporate Dance" was a series of songs that we did using a new set of gear, and our beloved homebrew studio.

The "Corporate Dance" series is the bridge from the "Disjointed" CD to the"Sex With Oceania" CD. "Disjointed" was heavy, hard, and brutal. We mellowed a bit with "Corporate Dance", and started to get stronger with "Sex With Oceania". Our production style changed dramatically from then to now, and "Corporate Dance" reflects the transition from loop-based music to a more genuine sound (even if it is strong on the synthesizers). And, yes, the "Corporate Dance" phase is over.

In Atari X, I Love You you feature the sultry vocal stylings of's erotic star Oceania. How did this track materialize? How did it all come together?

It all began one stormy, really. We were looking for some voice samples to steal. We did a search for "audio sex" and came up with her site. And we decided that it would be much nicer for everyone if we just asked to use them. She's a wonderful person, and of course, granted us permission. In fact, she did several specific samples for us. Her voice is very wonderful, very strong, erotic, and playful at times. It was a perfect match, although there are some samples which made even Sonic Ruin blush a bit. Maybe, one day, we'll be convinced to release them all.

About the song; She had sent us a sample specifically for Atari X, and immediately following it was a series of samples of "I Love You". Thus, a new hit was born.

Sometimes you'll pepper a cut with some crafty film quotables. Is Atari X a movie buff? Are the snippets merely convenient or are you attached to the related flicks?

Our rather liberal use of samples is a way to connect the song with certain visual images. We aren't particularly movie buffs, but there are certain movies which have strong imagery that we adore. Those images are expressed in audio clips, and they're like concentrated versions of the imagery we are trying to portray. By using them in our music, we immediately connect an objective music experience with subjective images.

Sonic Ruin isn't easy to define, even in the wide open realm of industrial electronica. On one track you can merge guitar riffs with Indian percussion and then you have a dance floor slammer like Kneel and Lick My Boots. How would you describe your sound?

We listen to a lot of music. A LOT of music. And there are many different genre's that we like, as a group. Our primary motive with Sonic Ruin is to take various forms of modern music, deconstruct it, strip out the crass commercialization and phony posturing, and then, meticulously re-assemble that music in a form that is pleasing to us. We use samples, eclectic instruments, and lots of synthesizers to achieve this goal. Why is it pleasing to us? We are mutants, we are heretics, we are the ones that your mother warned you about, we are the geeks that you shoved in the trash can at school, and we are the bullies who smacked you in the head with a Tonka truck when you were little. We are everything, and we are nothing, in one momentary breath. That may sound zen, and phony, but we are nothing more than the mirrors of society. A bit cracked, and dirty, but then again, isn't life a bit cracked and dirty?

But, beyond all of that, Sonic Ruin is the kind of music that empowers theaverage man. We reflect society, in a way that makes us feel happy to be in that society. And we don't always pull punches.

Your sound seems to evolve with every passing month. So, what's next for Sonic Ruin?

Currently, we've been doing a lot of synthesizer work. We suspect that our guitar days are not over, as we continue to try to marry many different forms of music into one audio wallpaper. Our current experiments involve a lot of gabber, of the Rotterdam variety. 350 beats per minute is not an easy way to make a song. We're drifting back into our old hardcore habits.


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