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An Interview With Simplicity - June 2000

How did the band get together?

Around the end of October 1999, Daniel and DeRoyce were searching for a new lead singer since the original singer bailed (BAD MOVE!!!). DeRoyce's sister Deanna was eager to join Simplicity after the break-up of her former band.

How did the name Simplicity come about? What does it mean? Your music is so original and complex, simplicity is not the first word that comes to mind.

DeRoyce penned the name and he likes the concept of keeping life simple. With Simplicity, the music is anything but simple. It is an oxymoron for the style of music that we produce. We use few pieces of equipment on stage, but the music is, as you said, complex and interesting.

At the end of "Jealousy" (Hi Fi - Lo Fi), Deanna wails out YSUOLAEJ -- Jealousy backwards. Does that have any lyrical significance? Is she taking back the Jealousy? Or am I reading too much into a fun bit of vocal gimmickry?

Shrieking "jealousy" backwards at the end of the song is like a giant release of frustration at the person causing the jealousy and at yourself for having the emotion in the first place.

Jealousy is hot right now. It's #2 on's New Wave chart. Yet that song, and others like "Night of Disaster" (Hi Fi Lo Fi), seem to be written from the male perspective. Deanna pulls it off brilliantly but it begs the question -- who writes most of the lyrics for the band?

We write the lyrics from all points of view. We try to write about all people and what they go through on their journey of life. For instance, Night of Disaster was written by DeRoyce based on the movie "Taxi Driver" and the character Iris. Deanna wrote the lyrics to Jealousy about a complicated situation in a former relationship. We also have a new song called The One that was written by our art director/webmaster Derek Van Oss. Drawing from diverse experiences keeps Simplicity's lyrics compelling.

Daniel is amazing. The intricate drum work syncs up perfectly to the frenetic synth work. His work on tracks like "Draw"  (Hi Fi - Lo Fi) are sheer musicianship genius. Is it hard for a drummer -- who is so used to leading the band in time -- to keep up with sequenced segments where he is not the one in control?

GO-GO DG Drums! We consider Daniel's part to be another instrument in the trio not just back there keeping the beat (like a boring metronome). Yes, this is something that takes great focus and maturity. It is like playing with a metronome, if you mess up then the music loses it's crisp, defining sound.

Simplicity has great range in its music. A lot of that comes naturally from DeRoyce's capable work with the band and with his solo instrumental work. You get dark and profound in one track and then roll with the upbeat the next. Which side does the band find more gratifying to record and perform?

DeRoyce prefers to write songs in a minor key because it produces a sound that is more dramatic, emotional and passionate. He tries to stay away from writing "apologetic" music. Simplicity is here to "THROW-DOWN".

The title of your CD debut, Where Thoughts and Dreams Collide, comes from your popular "In My Skin" (Hi Fi - Lo Fi) track. In that cut Deanna belts out some beautiful melodies that soar through highs and lows. Is that a taxing song to perform live?

Hell yes! That is our most difficult song to perform. Dino, as the band calls her, gulps a lot of water between instrumental breaks to keep her voice from getting scratchy. DeRoyce doesn't make it easy on her when he writes those vocal parts! (*evil grin* from DeRoyce) In My Skin also lends itself to some punches and kicks that she throws in on stage for visual effect, which makes it even tougher...again..."THROW-DOWN!"

DeRoyce. Deanna. Brother. Sister. You don't see too much of that anymore. Yet the last time a brother on synths helped form a band with his sister singing lead, No Doubt became a runaway success. Granted, the brother went off to draw The Simpsons just as the band was about to break out. Still, is it easier or harder to perform knowing that you are sharing the stage with family?

It is much easier to perform when you know that you are supported. We have grown up together loving and respecting each other's talents. We know what we can individually bring to the band.


Where Thoughts & Dreams Collide is Simplicity's breakthrough debut. From favorite "Jealousy" (Hi Fi - Lo Fi) to the dark beauty of "Night of Disaster" (Hi Fi - Lo Fi) this is the complete primer to the fast-rising Texan trio. Just $7.99!

The Cobalt Complication is the new release by Simplicity founder DeRoyce Sharp. It's an aural delight of sound, emotion and illusion. New Age becomes hip thanks to some great instrumental tracks like "Not What You Think" (Hi Fi - Lo Fi) and the Top 5 Symphonic Electronica sensation "Child" (Hi Fi- Lo Fi). If Ray Lynch had an attitude. If Danny Elfman had dreams instead of nightmares. This brilliant work would be it. Just $8.99!

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