Battle of the Bands
·  You call yourself a music critic? Well, you've got 32 bands to check out. Narrow them down to 16 by the end of February. Vote once for each of the 16 Round One bouts. Come back in March as you help take us to 8 then 4 then 2 then, a winnah!

Round One and Two last all month long. The rest will last two weeks each. Come back and vote in each round. In May we will open the field to 64 artists.

Come back then for free entry information or holler at us now and we'll let you know.

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Liquid Stereo Battle of the Bands -- Round Two
Round Three ends at Midnight (Eastern Time) on May 31, 2001. Any ties favor the second artist on the listbox. The 4 winners advance to Round Four.   

Wet v. michealnathan

Wet v. michaelnathan
Wet or michaelnathan?


Current Results

moonlife v. Tripwire

moonlife v. Tripwire
moonlife or Tripwire?


Current Results

Rocketbob v. Tristan Dee

Rocketbob v. Tristan Dee
Rocketbob or Tristan Dee?

Tristan Dee

Current Results

Simplicity v. Earth Songs

Simplicity v. Earth Songs
Simplicity or Earth Songs

Earth Songs

Current Results

Already Accepted for the August Battle of the Bands:

Eric Mulford 

Ramsay Fiction


Shauna Skye



Fishbelly White


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